Upgrade of last blogpost!

Cast your eyes on this picture! These are the prizes kindly offered by Pat Sweet from bopressminiaturebooks for the most exciting image of The Stumpwork Robe and/or The Last Stitch and it’s owner supplied to the blog. As she’s agreed to mail these delightful collectors’ pieces anywhere in the world, she’ll be the judge. I hope everyone’ll get into the spirit. The sad thing is that there is a whole potential supply of pics from those who bought the novels in standard bookstores and may not even be followers of Mesmered. Ah well…

Now come on, folk, get out the mobile phone or the camera and snap away. It can be pics of your kids, your pets or even your favourite things with the books. In fact I DARE someone with photoshop skill to ‘create’ a pic with RA holding the books! And don’t forget an image of the book on your Kindle or computer is entirely acceptable.

I have promises of images from Kansas, Maryland and Tasmania so far and I already have fabulous images from Italy and Austria. Go for it!!!