Me? On stage?

Yes indeed!

I attend a wonderful school in Hobart, the Felicity Ryan Ballet , which runs classes not just for young ballet students but also for seniors, and I’ve been in seventh heaven in the studio each week (sometimes twice).

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Newsletterish 3…

So, it’s almost summer. Despite rain, rain and more of it! The wettest in living memory.

Thus spring has meant preparing for summer because when one lives on the coast, summer after all, is pre-eminent.

‘Sweet sweet burn of summer and summer wind… ‘ (KD Lang)

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SoS 20/11

It’s still wet! Wet wet wet!

Everything in the garden is done at breakneck speed as we literally only have one clear day between multiple wets. Are there still climate change deniers out there? Seriously?

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Solitude is my escape.

Perhaps it’s the same for many others.

The need to get away from the chatter – daily chatter, social media chatter, TV chatter.

And sometimes one doesn’t have to go very far.

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Finally… Reliquary, in both print and e-book, is published.

If I’m honest, I’ll say there were times I wondered if it would ever happen.

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SoS 6/11/21

In the city for a couple of days this week, I took the opportunity to take some pics of the Matchbox. It’s such a tiny space with such a nice ambience and considering how long it can go before we give it attention, I really love it.

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SoS 30/10/21

It’s so long since I contributed to SoS and to be honest, after yesterday’s 40 Days and Nights rain, I didn’t think it’d be an option today. However, the sun’s shining, but because the ground is knee-deep in moisture, I’m mixing it up a bit with our tiny town patch and the bigger home garden,  all pics bar one taken before the deluge.

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