‘Novel’ locations!

The pics are starting to drop into my mailbox. I’ll add more to the gallery as they arrive but here’s the first three.

Barb from Rome who was the first to send the images through. Thanks so much, BG.

And another from Italy: 

Corinne from downtown Vienna during the Pillow-Throwing Fest. So pleased she was photographed before the down started to fly!

Debbie from Kansas in the middle of her feedlot. I love the way the Angus heifers are looking at the books with interest.Debbie says “Reading The Stumpwork Robe is veterinarian approved and guarantees a 5% weight gain daily.”  and “Out here in the wild west, we read good stuff to our cattle.”

And from a special and dear reviewer and reader ‘s cat in Maryland and also a much appreciated reader from Istanbul and one little unicorn sitting with Sylvia’s e-reader in the Netherlands.