SoS 18/6/22

It’s been months and months since I did an SoS although I’ve taken much joy in looking at all the gardens on display.

Also gobsmacked at the milage and burned rubber Mr.P is running every weekend. Puts us all to shame! My excuse is I’m too old!

Anyway, here’s my six from our little city Matchbox.

This is the back garden. I’ve just done an Edward Scissorhands everywhere (except the bay trees) and so the place is denuded and embarrassed and longing for spring and sunshine.

You may remember that last year, I purchased a variegated agave purely because it’s variegation fitted my garden theme. Last winter’s frosts hit it and it declined into a slimy lump. But lo, it burst forth with new gusto and despite a couple of frosts, freezing temperatures and horrible winter winds, it’s doing really well. I keep thinking I should wrap it in fleece or move it, but move it where? I have no glasshouse.

One of the pots of bulbs (could be tulips – black, white and orange) bursting through the soil. Wire to keep possums out.

If you can remember my garden last year, you might remember that the house wall-garden was a feast of Solomon’s Seal which left nothing much to look at in winter. So my blessed husband dug all the Solomon’s Seal out, put in new soil and I ordered some new black and white hellebores  of various kinds and divided and  transplanted some others. Everything is doing really well and whilst I don’t expect flowering this year, I hope next year will do me proud. Closest in frame and covered in anti-possum wire is a white hydrangea. This is an experiment as it will get absolutely no sun at all. Time will tell.

This is the bottom terrace of the back garden and I have cut everything back hard so it looks barren. But you can see the hellebores are loaded with blooms. I just hope all the other plants I’ve nurtured come back swinging like this. By the way, Phil the Pheasant is about to be painted black.

My final pic – because I desperately needed something to look at when I walked out the back door, something bright in a dour freezing winter, I purchased two primroses. They’ll do.

Please do go and have a look at the gardens on SoS This garden-lover’s blog has grown as well as all the global gardens it exhibits. Cheers.