It’s your turn, part one…

I’m asking any reader who has a copy of

Novel being sent from Australia to UK publisher.

The Stumpwork Robe or The Last Stitch either in hard copy or on their Kindle (in which case you’d need to have the relevant page in view), to have yourself photographed holding said book in the oddest/most beautiful/most international etc setting, so I can upload it onto the blog and Facebook. And to be frank just to give my book and I a thrill.

This idea isn’t mine, by the way. I’ve seen it employed by a number of other authors on blogs across the world and the results have been fascinating. Email the image to me via the address provided at the website ( Come on! I dare you!!!

In future I’m hoping that ‘It’s your turn’ will develop further, to allow you the reader to help me the author with my writing…


*Have a look at the next post to see the beautiful prizes offered for the ‘best’ photos!*

On the coveted centre table at major bookstore.