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SoS 30/10/21

It’s so long since I contributed to SoS and to be honest, after yesterday’s 40 Days and Nights rain, I didn’t think it’d be an option today. However, the sun’s shining, but because the ground is knee-deep in moisture, I’m mixing it up a bit with our tiny town patch and the bigger home garden,  all pics bar one taken before the deluge.

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This month has crept up on me.

I’m due to release a new book at the end of the month, Reliquary and it’s a job which requires a certain amount of dedicated energy.

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A newsletterish thingy..

Every season, I write a longer blogpost, a bit like a newsletter, to have a chat about the previous season of doings.

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SixonSaturday 4/9/21

Spring has sprung upon us and scared the hell out of us with three days of 18-26 this week! We literally watched the blossom emerge from the trees and then fall before we could even rush to get cameras and things, in between dashing around with a hose, moistening dry soil.

But then all day yesterday it rained and so the garden is looking satiated and as if it now has time to really think about spring. It’s about 13 today and a few things have opened. One must take the time to look because one finds spring is done and dusted in our neck of the woods in next to no time.

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Small things…

I went out in PJ’s and bare feet to take a pic of the rising sun on the heavy morning dew this morning, and of the snail trail across the moistened glass of the patio and I thought how one needs to take note of the small things in life, or smalls as some stitchers call it.

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Newsletter vs blogpost…

And we’re not talking just the normal subscribed newsletter here that many folk, authors mainly, seem to deliver.

I’m talking about something more special.

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Judge a book by its cover…

If one is a mainstream writer, one rarely if ever has input into cover design. However, if one is indie, and one has an amenable cover designer, one can give them a brief and they work with it.

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SoS 14/8/21

 I think we’re really moving very swiftly into Spring. So much that the Dwarf Iris Reticulata flowered and finished in five days. I don’t think I will bother with them again – a floral disappointment.

But onto better things and my Six on Saturday:

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