SoS 20/6/20

It’s a gloomy, dreer day, threatening to bucket down at some point. It’s also the day before the winter solstice, so it’s a short dark day anyway.

We’re in the city for a few days and so Husband dashed out, mowed and threw handfuls of blood and bone around the Matchbox ready for the rain.

There’s nothing much of note in this little garden this week. Thanks to Covid-19, and being in Lockdown at our bigger garden, it’s been a long time between drinks in this tiny one. So yesterday, whilst the sun was shining, I took pics of rusty garden accoutrements we have spattered around. I love rust in a garden – it blends, harmonises and enhances any and everything. I. also love garden ornaments that are woven, welded and built, as my Rusticana board shows on Pinterest.

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Un Homme Charmant…

My dear friend Brian passed away yesterday.

I thought words would flow easily writing this, being a so-called wordsmith, but my fingers are stalling on the keyboard.

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SoS 6th June, 2020

Strange that we’re coming into winter whilst so many of the Sos-ers wander through  summer gardens filled with so much beauty. I think that globally, we gardeners are coping with the world’s vicissitudes better than most because we have a place into which we can escape. And nothing more so than a beautiful summer garden.

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Full Circle…

I follow American writer Tom Ryan on Facebook and on Instagram.

I count myself privileged to have read his books Following Atticus and Will’s Red Coat. Tom’s words are even larger and more infinite than his cherished relationships with his dogs.

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Life in Isolation…

As we move into the very early stages of freeing up of Lockdown, I’ve had pause to reflect on what this time has meant for me.

In typical Pollyanna fashion, I’m looking for the prism of light.

To be honest, it’s been all of that.

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The perils of Lockdown…

There’s been a lot of talk about the effects of Lockdown and the seriousness of confinement and lack of socialisation amongst adults and children alike.

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I’ve been struck by that word all of this last week as comments circulate on Facebook about Covid-19, about governments, about our own responses to what we’re being told.

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SoS 9/5/20

Here we are again! It’s astonishing to think how quickly the week goes as one day rolls seamlessly into another so that days even lose their names at this current time.

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SoS 2/5/20

Before I start, happy birthday to SoS and congrats to Mr.Propagator for starting the whole thing three years ago. It’s been such a bonus for me, watching and learning about different shrubs and plants and meeting gardenaholics. So thank you, Jonathan!

My  pics today are from earlier in the week  when it was springlike and sunny. Today, on my end of the globe, it’s wet, windy and chilly with frequent little cold cells drifting across the radar and preventing any outdoors activity at all – something I don’t take kindly to.

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