Escape from harsh reality…

There is a harsh reality elsewhere just now, and I understand if no one reads what I’m writing, but here goes anyway. It may just help a little…

I’m going to a trial of a free weekly newsletter instead of regular posts to this blog. This is, I reiterate, merely a trial. It’s to try and locate kindred readers – readers who might be interested in life, the universe and everything in this paradise at the bottom of a trembling world.

The newsletter asks for nothing from you except perhaps that you click ‘like’ and maybe even share it with your friends, encouraging them to subscribe. I would like to think I give you some calm and a sense of regaining control of life in ever-changing quicksand.

I ‘ve just heard on the radio that Putin has invaded Ukraine and shelling has started. It may be that China follows suit against Taiwan. I can offer nothing to ameliorate fear of a global war. All I can say is take time to vanish for awhile, down my little rabbit hole so that troubled spirits might be smoothed. Move your goalposts in close and maintain hope that sense might ultimately prevail.

My newsletter is called Knots in the String and you can find it at Substack . Because I am very new to the whole newsletter thing, I didn’t know how to include ‘subscribe’ buttons in my subsequent posts. Now I know better. But the thing with Substack is that you can’t go in and edit after posting, so if you want to subscribe, you’ll have to find me this way.   

Hopefully, this will get you in.

Ultimately, this blog and Knots in the String will be merged and you can subscribe to the newsletter that way. It will be in a drop-down on my website menu. But as I said at the beginning, this is only a trial. It may be that my beloved blog is my way of talking with you.

In any case, all this pales alongside the news we have all just had. I’d hoped it wouldn’t happen. Now I must straighten my spine and give my family strength and hope for the future.

Please take care and everyone, stay safe.