Gisborne: Book of Pawns

The book that has dominated my life for the last eighteen months has finally been published as en e-book with the print version following in May. To say that I have enjoyed writing it is a given – Guy and Ysabel have become very close friends. But as with any book I write, whilst I have a loose plot outline in my head, I always love seeing where the characters will take me. At its inception there was absolutely no chance that there would be a second volume. But a chance writing of a tiny short-story for a miniature book laid a whole new plot in my head. And thus volume Two will be available in early 2013. This current e-book will be available at within the week in an enhanced form with colour plates throughout: designed for the new colour e-readers.  It will be available for all other  e-readers (eg: Kobo, i-pad, Nook etc) in the next week.

The advantage of writing a historical fiction novel about a man who may or may not have existed is that while I have to write within the historical timeframe, I am not as cemented into the history of that character. I am at liberty to send him wherever and however I like. Which is what I have done. Be warned: this is not a book about Robin Hood!

Courtesy Tiger Aspect Productions/BBC.

Whilst actor Richard Armitage who played the BBC Gisborne may claim he is doubtful he can be at all inspirational to various artforms, I have to say that his acting of the character of Gisborne was enabling for me. I had been told by a friend from the theatre to watch an actor’s method to see how a character is built and so I watched Armitage. He inspired my storyline and my character’s idiosyncracies.

Please enjoy the book