My year of reading…

I’m the slowest reader ever.

I never was.

Once I would devour a book a week. But now I write and do many other things besides, and by bedtime, my only fiction reading time, I can manage a few pages if I’m lucky. It’s probably why I thank Matthew Harffy for setting me on the path of audiobooks after my first of three eye operations this year.

Whilst I could list my research books for this year, they’re usually listed in Author’s Notes of any book I write, so this pre-Christmas post is fiction only and hopefully it will inspire you to go buy the books yourself.

If you do, enjoy! I’m finicky with books and have listed those which are keepers both on my real and virtual shelves.

And whilst in my list hereafter there’s no particular order of better and best, I do have a Number One for the year.

For me, it’s Nancy Bilyeau’s The Blue. Beautifully written, a unique storyline about porcelain. Do check it out. It’s going gangbusters!

Most of the books listed below are historical fictions or historical fantasies because they’re my genres of choice. But the odd cross-genre slips in.

Rose writes contemporary fiction. I began this with a cocked eyebrow and a somewhat cynical  ‘Yeah, right!’ By the end, I was ‘Oh my gosh, that could soooo happen in my own backyard!’ Loved it.

Turney’s Rome is a Rome that I enjoy more than I can possibly say. I always love his fallible, clever and devious characters and his storyline is always embedded in beautifully researched fact which isn’t trowelled on with a shovel. He is a  favourite author.

CJ Archer is a new find. An Australian hist fantasy author whose narratives dash along at speed with an array of superb characters set in Victorian England. I love this series and am only half way through it. She comes really highly recommended.


Juliet Marillier is, in my mind, the doyen of historical fantasy. She is a true bard, weaving myth and legend teased from the ancient Celts. I’ve been a fan forever and will always be. Do seek out her novels and become lost in the ethereal mists of Scotland and Ireland when the Other World existed alongside ordinary mortals.

Mandy Jackson Beverley’s Creatives Series is as spooky as they come. Cleverly engineered to hop over time zones, for those who like a vampire or two, this series is worth the purchase. Intricate and unusual writing.


Tinney S. Heath’s second book to follow A Thing Done. Lady of the Seven Suns is a beautifully rendered story of Giacoma, great friend to St. Francis of Assisi and whom he called ‘Brother’ Giacoma. I love Heath’s writing and it’s been a long wait between courses. Heath is a wonderful addition to the world of hist. fict writers.


I’ve been a lover of Harffy’s Bernicia Chronicles from the get-go. Up there with Cornwell, certainly ready to take on the mantle. Beobrand is my hero for the year. Brilliant writing! A MUST READ!

And back to Simon Turney again. The Emperor Series will find a place at the top of my lists forever. My gosh he makes his lead characters speak with an authentic voice! Brilliant book!


Both of Clements’ books were audios and brilliantly read by Jack Hawkins. I am so enamoured of them that I’ve purchased the remaining two. I would never have touched War of the Roses books but these are something else. Catherine’s and Thomas’s story is stunning!

And finally David Michie.

I would love to study Buddhism more deeply. Michie has an informative list of books about the philosophy and life choice. I’ve read all his offbeat fictions about the Dalai Lama’s cat and the corgi supposed to belong to the Queen. They’re whimsical ways of imparting the Buddhist message. This latest of his is more serious. The Magician of Lhasa  is a book that inspires and educates. I know there will be more to be read from this author.

 The above books are all EXCELLENT and worth your time and money. I’m a very picky reader and trust me when I say the above are high fidelity.

Do fill your stockings with them.

I do have plenty more to list but they will be early next year. Think of them as Easter presents!


Finally before I finish, would it be remiss if I didn’t mention these from my own list?

All on sale till Christmas.

Go for it, possums!!!


And that’s it for the moment.

Happy shopping!