Head in the clouds…

I have no idea where I’ve been the last few weeks.

Somewhere enjoyable? Yes, or else I wouldn’t have had a complete memory lapse about the approach of business and the real world.

Was it somewhere doing everything and nothing? Yes. Lots of everything, actually.

But wherever it was, and whatever I’ve been doing, (researching, writing, family – mostly family, masterclasses, birthdays, nannying and more), it made me completely forget that over this next week, there was a plan to offer all my historical fiction e-books at a SALE PRICE.

For 7 days, the trilogies of The Gisborne Saga and The Triptych Chronicle are planned to retail at the price of 99 cents per e-book.

And because I forgot, no application has been made for marketing spots with the major e-advertisers.


I only discovered the error when I opened my diary (yes, I use a real diary, not a virtual one), to November 1st and saw the detail in stark black and white!

This sale had been planned back in August of this year.


This is where I ask you to help me.

If you’ve read my work and believe the books are worth mentioning, can you stand at my back?

Share the link for said books across social media. Author.to/PrueBatten

Maybe you can shop early for Christmas for friends’ and relatives’ Kindles!

A number of the books have been awarded Chanticleer Chaucer Awards, Readers’ Favorite Awards and Indie B.R.A.G medallions. They’ve been on long and short lists for things like the M.M Bennetts Award. So I’ll be brave and say you’ll get at least 99cents value from each one!

I’m quite happy to lay myself at your feet and beg, if you can just help me ‘pimp my novels’

Ta muchly!