SoS 9/11/19

We’ve just had a ghastly bout of weather. Last week we had 32 degrees and we were swimming. Yesterday, it was 9 degrees with galeforce winds and icy rain. My poor garden has been battered and bruised but plucky thing that it is, it continues to bloom regardless. That’s the wonderful thing about nature.

My six were taken in haste this evening after freezing rain earlier today.

Firstly my flower purchases.

White petunias for terracotta tubs here and there. Three packets of different varieties of sunflowers for the veggie garden. Pachystegia Insignis for tubs. Dicentra formosa. It’s delightful.  Primula auricula with a ‘blackish’ flower.

Next, my veggies. Firstly parsnip seed. Then seedlings: cucumber, zucchini, basil, mixed lettuces and pak choy. I’ve already planted potatoes, snap peas, snow peas, carrots and beetroot.

Thirdly: my propagated sweetpeas. I complained a few SOS’s ago because they seemed only to produce blue flowers but in the last week they have started with pinks, so I’m quite happy. And I can’t believe that I grew this fence-load of plants from seed I collected myself. Thanks Mr. P for the encouragement.

Fourthly: Madame Alfred Carriere on the veggie garden fence. A picture, despite the gales we’ve had.

Fifthly: I wintered poor little Euphorbia Diamond Frost in my cold frame but it looks appalling! I hope evidence of green stems means it will survive. What I don’t like is the horrid seedling/triffid taking over the pot. How dare it! I ripped all the white foxgloves out of the garden last year and expect the rest of my life will now be stopping them taking over.

And finally six. It’s not hail or snow. It’s white petals off the Guelder Rose after the winds. Poor plant.

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Cheers all.