SoS 27/10/19

I’ve missed SoS for such a long time. September/October have been such busy months, which is a shame because I’ve missed sharing my fritillaria, hoop petticoats, spring crocus, white muscari and the much loved black and white tulips which this year have done me proud – so much excitement and I was unable to share it.

Both our tiny city Matchbox and our home garden are lush this spring, filled with the kind of growth I’ve dreamed of. Must be due to lucerne mulch, seaweed solution and masses of water. Summer is coming and I daresay might be hot, so we are enjoying this while we can.

Here’s a quick six mostly from my own white Matchbox but with one pink exception. There are 2 pics for each, one complete and one close-up.



Solomon’s seal which lines the back path like stately soldiers. Regal and upright. Love it.

Then another unknown variety with variegated leaves in my shade garden. It’s lovely.

The viburnum plicatum. Never disappoints.

Madame Alfred Carriere. It’s first bud in the tiny garden. At our main house, it’s in full bloom along the fence of the veggie garden. I do hope this little one in the city is as prolific.

The clematis is one of eleven different whites in my little town plot. I can’t remember its name because it was planted 4 years ago in the days when I just picked a plant I liked and planted it where I wanted without name-calling. How I regret that.


And finally, I was walking the dog in the city and came across this MASSIVE protea. I’m not a lover of the plant but this was so spectacular, I just had to share.

So that’s it from me. Thanks so much for visiting and do hop across the Mr.P to see what other global gardeners are up to.