Jillleroo, jackeroo…

See how blurred this pic is?


That’s how my eyes felt after reading the books. I’m learning about Byzantium in the pursuit of Tobias’s journey to find the rare dye, Tyrian purple in 1194 AD.

So today, I spent the day outside at the farm – you know how I get cabin fever. OH and I cut masses of firewood and stacked it, we moved the rams to new pasture and then the ewe scanner arrived to scan all our ewes for pregnancy.


I wandered down to the shed to watch the scanning process.


The scanner’s dogs in the back of his ute.


Kelpies backing in the race to push the sheep up to the scanner.


A ewe in the crush, as her belly is scanned.


The images – we could see who was pregnant and who wasn’t and who was having twins and who was having singles. The girls were split into two mobs, the twinners obviously requiring far more feed.


Then OH asked me to hop on the ATV and set the gates for him for the ewes return to new pasture.


It was lovely in the late afternoon sun; job done and enjoyed…


and slightly better than OH this morning who managed to fly headfirst over the handlebars of the ATV coming down one of our steep hills. He damaged his leg with cuts, bruises and swellings and it required him to retire to bed early this evening.

Ah well, nobody ever said life on the farm is easy.


Don’t you think we’d be better growing a good pinot crop?