The Saga’s complete…

The Gisborne Saga has concluded. More – the final in the trilogy has been published at last.


How do I feel?

Marvellous and nervous…

This has been a three year long pregnancy that has taken me and my characters to twelfth century British Isles, France and Venice.


Each year for the last three years I have delivered a book on my version of the legend of Guy of Gisborne. There are many #Gisborne fans out there who have believed for many years (since the end of the BBC series of Robin Hood) that Gisborne is SND (So Not Dead) and to a point, I wanted to agree with them…

So is my Gisborne dead … finally?

Ah. I have often had it said of me that I’m not afraid to kill off my darlings and it’s also well known that I hate spoilers, so you will have to read the final book to find out.

Suffice to say that I am happy with the ending. It is as it should be.


So now I am on a new journey. The troubadour, Tobias Celho (the small, charming musician from The Gisborne Saga) won the battle with Ariella Ben Saul for his own book. It was a close run thing. Ariella is so enigmatic and I longed to write her story but Toby promised me much – not the least of which was a journey through Constantinople into the Black Sea.

So that’s where I am right now – as Gisborne: Book of Kings finds readers and reviewers, Toby and I are currently sailing on a galley toward Rhodes.

Gosh, I LOVE my characters…