My Guy…

It’s tough being cast as a baddy. It’s what happened to Guy of Gisborne when Robin Hood rose to his (questionable) prominence.


Seriously, how can someone who robbed and killed people because they happened to be wealthy be considered a hero? By the fact that he gave the cash to the poor?


Okay. Fine. I’ll concede that point…

But Gisborne historically operated within the bounds of the law at the time. Operating within the tithing/taxing system that existed under the laws of the kingdom and doing exactly what the Sheriff of Nottingham expected him to do – even though we consider it unjust and cruel.



Is it any wonder then that I wanted to take Gisborne as far from that archetype as possible?

I’m well into the writing of Gisborne: Book of Kings, the finale of The Gisborne Saga, and as Ysabel and Guy spent today in a quite civilised fashion with each other, unaware of the shattering event heading their way, it occurred to me how different my Guy is from the legend. Personally, being a BBC Guy fan, I’m perfectly happy with that.


What do you think?