‘Down came the jumbuk'(s)…

 Damned cold today. 7 degrees Celsius (44 fahrenheit). Rugged up and hopped behind OH on the four wheeler to feed out to those of our girls with child!

2013-06-25 12.16.10

2013-06-25 12.16.19

2013-06-25 12.20.52

2013-06-25 12.21.50

It’s been the toughest summer and autumn and we’ve got to the hard end of our pasture so we feed out our own hay cut from summer 2011 when we had grass ‘as high as an elephant’s eye.’ Plus barley harvested in 2011 from our own crops. But mainly sheep pellets which are a grain mix and which the girls think is chocolate!

2013-06-25 12.26.20

Me dragging a 20kg bag of pellets. Heavvvvvvyy!

2013-06-25 12.24.55

OH feeding out. The blue dots on the backs of some of the girls indicate those who carry twins. We had all the ladies scanned last week to see who was pregnant, who carried twins and who was dry (ie those who didn’t conceive!). Those who were dry were drafted off and sold as with the season the way it is, we can’t afford to carry stock who can’t return the investment in feed. It’s very cut and dried on the land.

2013-06-25 12.23.11

2013-06-25 12.22.40

Me throwing out hay and as usual, leaving the bale twine till the last minute to pull away.

2013-06-25 12.26.38

All done! And the same thing to be done tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next… until we get a spring break…

Life on the farm is kinda like that…

*’Down came the jumbuk’ is a line from Waltzing Matilda, an iconic Australian song/poem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHUcRTvdcbM

PS: If you have any creative ideas for used blue and pink baling twine, do say, as we have heaps of it!