Owning a word…

Last week I bought a word.

I did … a three letter word.

I paid for it, received a receipt, and the word was wrapped in tissue and placed in a brown paper bag.

It was a curious feeling. As though I alone now had ownership of the word. But of course that is definitely not the case. In fact, I think the word might just have ownership of me.

To explain: it is one of those massed produced, carved and painted words one can buy to decorate one’s house. This one called to me the minute I entered the shop.

Three letters spelling ‘sea’.

And now, whenever I look at it, I’m transported. Hear it, see it, smell it, touch it.

Seeing that carved word is so evocative, like flicking a switch on in the mind.

Picture it…

The sand is white and very soft.

Behind you is a stand of pine-trees making your spot protected and almost secretive.

You lay your towel down just far enough back from the water that you won’t get wet when  a wave breaks.

You lie down resting your head on a handy fallen tree-trunk and as you gaze lazily across a blue ocean spangled with silver, you listen to small waves flipping in and out, your toes touching water that is neither cold nor hot.

And you breathe deep.

All that from one little three letter word…

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