A Scavenger Hunt . . . a pre-ball competition

We are offering a pre-ball competition in the form of a scavenger hunt.  Find the following and email your answers via the contact page of http://www.pruebatten.com There are ten objects to be found.  Nine of the questions are listed here and you can submit your nine answers by quoting the chapter title before the Ball on any day.   The tenth object to be found will be listed as the first endeavour on the night and the first person in with the correct ten to the comments section on the night will win the prize.

1.  By what name do Vittoria and Annabelle refer to Vittoria’s love interest?

2.  Find Lucia’s green riding bodice.

3.  Find the fountain.

4.  How many times are images of Richard Armitage used to this point? ie: 25th April, 2004

5.  Find the bow and arrow.

6.  Find the first mention of the amulet.

7.  How many miniature book images are featured in the novella?

8.  Who does Bacigalupo call his friend?

9.  Find the harp.