The Masked Ball programme . . .


Saturday May 1st, 10pm-midnight London time.

We suggest you use this time converter to work out the exact time in your part of the world so that you can log onto Mesmered and not miss a moment.  And we also wish to say that as the evening progresses and as you all (we hope) become involved in the inevitable chat and gossip behind hands, pillars and aspidistras that happens at Balls, the timing may slow down and the event placements may even change a little. We also hope that by releasing the programme at this stage, that it gives you time to prepare the writing challenges that you have proved are within your ambit.

Welcome from Dirretore and from Lucia, Parthenope and Sarina.

Direttore dancing with Marie Burton from in The Etcetera (please note that on the night there will be a dance card page with the appropriate links to music and dancing)

Competition 1: Describe your escort, leaving no curl uncurled, no cleft chin unclefted, and no aquiline nose un . . . aquilined, I suppose.

Competition 2: Scavenger Hunt final question

Another chapter from the infamous Masked Ball novella.

Scavenger Hunt post final answer

Dance: The Gelderlander

Competition 3: What are your gown and mask like?  Please be as effusive in your description as you please.

Competition 4:  Fan and glove code answer post

Dance: Mr.Beveridge’s Maggott.

One more chapter of the novella.

Dance: The Raji!

Competition 5: What etiquette would you re-introduce to 21st century society and why?

Dance: The Tango

Penultimate chapter of the novella.

Dance: The De Lesseps Dance

A Stupendous Supper.

Dance: The Dancing Queen

FINAL COMP: What is it about the heroes of literature that makes them so appealing to the empowered and enfranchised women of the 21st century.

Dance: The Aznavour

The end of the novella.

Thank you, a brief look at the next day’s prize giving and goodnight.

Addendum! As you can imagine, this whole programme is quite fluid as we think of things and thus the most important thing to note is that two competitions are being run this week as we move toward the night of the Ball.  The first is a Scavenger Hunt and the second is a secret code.  More information as soon as it becomes available.  Thank you and have fun and don’t get lost in your literature!