SoS 20/11

It’s still wet! Wet wet wet!

Everything in the garden is done at breakneck speed as we literally only have one clear day between multiple wets. Are there still climate change deniers out there? Seriously?

We are having the wettest, coldest November in my memory and I just turned 70. Anyway, apart from various veg bolting, here’s my six – all from the veggie and berry gardens.

The berries are fantastic. If we can just get enough to sun to ripen them, we will have the biggest ever supply to date, in the freezer. We have loganberries, raspberries, silvan berries, thornless blackberries and boysenberries. The blueberries this year don’t even rate a mention.

The snowpeas have been prolific but have been smashed down with the weight of their crop and the rain.

The fledgling rhubarb is going well but I need one of those pipe thingies to keep it upright.

This is all there is of a whole fence of sweet peas. Sad. The seeds were grown in the cold frame.

Same with my sunflowers. I normally have swathes. I shall try and remedy that by planting more as they are my bee magnets and also feed the wild parrots at the end of summer. I feel responsible for providing fodder for birds and bees.

The potatoes are going well (Kipflers and Pink Eyes in top right of screen) – which is good. We might have to rethink the amount we plant and double it for next year. Till now, we’ve been feeding two households from the veggie garden but our son has now created his own beautiful potager, so we will have much more space available just for us.

 And to end on a positive note, can I throw in one extra?

I pruned Madame Alfred Carriere mercilessly in late autumn. It seems she loves a haircut!

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