Solitude is my escape.

Perhaps it’s the same for many others.

The need to get away from the chatter – daily chatter, social media chatter, TV chatter.

And sometimes one doesn’t have to go very far.

I was having a bite to eat and I heard a starling in the garden – pure cut-crystal melody and despite that I had a lot of office work to do, I resolved to take a moment of mindfulness.

So Dog and I just listened…


(please open the video and enjoy the melodies!)

It was the Sunday peace that descends when the coastal incomers have gone back to the city. No traffic or people noise.

Just the waves breaking on the shore, the seabreeze in the treetops with its glorious fragrance of ozone and salt and a chorus of garden birds. The garden is a palette of green just now, with many textures from lacy through to hard green bark. But in a couple of weeks, small white seedlings – petunias, violas, cosmos and impatiens – will flower, along with black hollyhocks, white foxgloves, salvias and many more.

It served to smooth my own feathers and make me grateful for our beautiful garden where birds of all kinds – wrens, starlings, wattlebirds, swallows, three different types of parrots  and even Hedwig, our owl, can feel safe whilst they make the garden their own.

And so Dog and I just listened…