SoS 7/7/21

Had a swift dash to the city to collect mail and make sure the little Matchbox was okay. And to pick up birthday presents. I dashed around the tiny garden, took five shots, and then in a bitterly cold Antarctic burst, drove back up the coast. No pics from here but tomorrow I will be planting rhubarb and purple asparagus and feeding the herbs.

Today was a no-garden day as we had our grandson’s 3rd birthday. It was to be his first ever birthday party but in true toddler fashion, he developed gastric flu and the whole thing had to be cancelled. This after much work had been accomplished by father, grandmother and grandfather to resurrect and regenerate the farm garden ready for the festivity. Never mind, there’s always next year…

Anyway, here’s my five:

The right side of the back path is lifting along nicely with the special hellebores. The left side is still unloved and I am still to come up with some kind of wall treatment. Desperate for the Solomon’s Seal to grow back on the left to make some sort of statement.

The gap-filling pot-stand outside the back door – simple with a dove, lobelia and cyclamen, but it does the job.

The first of the spring bulbs. Crocus Ard Schenk. A brilliant white with lovely variegated straps for leaves. Ard Schenck was apparently a Dutch speed skater. Thus white and flashy fits.

These are two of the raised beds looking pretty ordinary as they pootle toward the end of winter. Thank heaven for the Gilhams’ White primulas. After a wet year (for us), my pots have developed fabulous coatings of moss. I have a ‘thing’ about terracotta and inherited quite a few that are nearly ninety years old from my mum who inherited them from my dad’s great aunty.

And finally, the first pick from the much-loved white daphne bush that graces our front garden. The smell is divinely subtle, more so than the pink variety which is quite strong, and it’s like having a handful of stars on the cedar chest of drawers.

So that’s my five for six on Saturday. Toddle over to The Propagator for links to the humungous Six on Saturday gardens.