Today, it is six years since my mother passed away.

Mum was a legend and I have cause to wonder what may have passed to me from her.

Mum was small, but tough.

Resilient, courageous, strong-minded, funny and whilst forthright with her family, intrinsically introverted. She hated society and being social. Simply, she preferred the company of her children, son in law and her grandchildren along with two of her closest and much loved friends.

We could trust her to be there for us always – with a hug, a word and most likely a homemade meal.

Always busy, it wasn’t for nothing that we called her our little Gurkha, our Durocell Bunny. Always beautifully presented, Mum was the personification of Carpe Diem. Seize the Day but always with hair done and lippy on.

Yes, so much to have learned from her and heights still to aim for.

I miss her…

Claire Isobel Wallace. 25/11/25 – 30/07/2016