I’m excited to announce that the anthology, Sword and Sirventes, has just been released as an e-book. The paperback version will be released in the next fortnight.

I owe JD Smith Design such a debt of thanks for a breathtaking cover that perfectly encapsulates the content of the anthology. Gratitude too, to the afore-mentioned studio for the swift e- and print formatting.

As mentioned on other platforms, it’s been a long time since something has emerged from the Batten garrett. This anthology is by way of a taster for the release of the full-length novel, Reliquary, in the near future. Reliquary is the first in a new collection called The Peregrinus Series.

In the Sword anthology, you will find five stories. There’s action and adventure seeping from the weave of the narratives and I hope I transport the reader deep into the halls and alleys of the twelfth century.

To end, can I say how grateful I am to two much respected authors within the genre, for their kind words as this short work is released. Firstly, Matthew Harffy (Head of Zeus/Aries author of highly regarded books, including the best-selling Bernicia Chronicles):

‘With her usual flair for character and sumptuous language, In Sword and Sirventes, Batten effortlessly transports the reader into a vividly portrayed medieval world of light and darkness, heroism and villainy, each tale is like peering through a pinprick in the velvet fabric of time.’

And from the excellent historical fiction and historical romance author, Anna Belfrage:

‘A sequence of polished little gems that offer tantalizing keyholes to the past.’

If you would like to purchase this vivid anthology, click on the link: