A new release coming up!

‘A sequence of polished little gems that offer tantalizing keyholes to the past…’


I haven’t written a post for some time and must apologise, but life gets in the way. We’ve had winter shearing on the farm, the carting of hay to equestrians and dairy farmers.

And we’ve had rain. Wow. Sooo much rain!

We also took a quick break on the north-western end of our island to a little place called Boat Harbour Beach where we seemed to be the only folk in residence. Whilst the farm and gardens were saturated in the southeast, we basked in glittering wintersun.

Totally uplifting, I can tell you! I made a comment on Instagram, that I felt as if I was in Tolkein’s Shire, so beautiful were the rolling hills and green valleys, patchworked with many a dense copse of native trees.

But one returns to reality and I was confronted with the suggestion that because nothing has been published from my imprint for 12 months, and because the latest novel, Reliquary, is currently in the UK, ‘in waiting’, it might be a good idea to get a little something out there.

With that in mind, the plan is to publish a small e-anthology of five medieval stories, entitled Sword and Sirventes. It’s the kind of small e-book one can happily read before sleep, or in a waiting room, or in a brief moment of self-indulgence.

Thus far, I have been extremely fortunate to have multi-award-winning historical fiction author, Anna Belfrage, say the following about the collection: ‘A sequence of polished little gems that offer tantalizing keyholes to the past…’

 I’m almost at cover-release point and will emblazon it across social media as soon as possible, so keep an eye out, friends and followers. You’ll be the first to know!