When I write a novel, I always scan the screen for likely people to inspire my characters.

I will spend time watching their movements, how they speak, trying to pick up nuances that build brick upon brick.

So these are the faces/actors whose work helped me with  Reliquary

Soeur Cécile – Helen Mirren

Henri de Montbrison – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Ariella de Guisbourne – Eleanor Tomlinson

Adam of London – Alan Tudyk

Tobias Celho – Peter Dinklage

Guy of Gisborne – Richard Armitage

Saul ben Simon – Colin Firth

Gisela of Peslières – Emma Thompson

Gelis of Mons – Nicola Coughlin

Gervasius of Mons – Brian Blessed

Amée de Clochard – Adele

Petrus – Dolph Lungren

Gilbert de Tremelay – Iain Glen

It might only be the eyes. Or the way they turn their heads, or their body shape and how they use their hands. It’s never the whole person.

Do you ever see faces in the characters you read about? Faces from the screen?

Or do you create a composite character in your head as you read? Relying totally on the slightest little hint from the author?

Let me know…