SoS 17/4/21

It’s been an age since I contributed to SoS, despite that I’ve always visited all the other gardens across the globe. Life’s been a bit busy and to be honest, it’s that time of year where nothing much is going on in our gardens. There’s that hiatus between summer and autumn when the leaves aren’t quite ready to rake, when it’s not quite bulb-planting time and we’re waiting to spread all the good compost around.

We’re in the little Matchbox garden currently and have managed to trim the summer growth away, and after these shots were taken, my husband carted composted soil and I spread it.

First image is wire. The other day we heard the dog barking and went to see what the problem was, only to find he’d ripped that patch of garden to shreds, including the watering system, as he attempted to catch a rat. Typical Jack Russell! Fortunatley it was easy to fix and whilst husband repaired everything, I poured S.C.A.T around. It’s a mixture of this and that designed to keep possums, birds, rats and mice off gardens.

Next, empty pots waiting for tulips which are currently in the fridge cooling off. The chocolate Cosmos in two of the pots will be moved to two of the raised beds.

Our rampant Solomon’s Seal has been cut right back to the ground and it’s allowed the hellebores to breathe. I also planted white Cyclamen Persicum along the bed. I found directions on how to make fabulous woven baskets made from vine prunings which I’d love to have a go at for that big boring wall.

On the facing bed, all the delicate white nerines are beginning to flower amongst the rarer hellebores.

In that same bed and at completely the wrong time (we’re in autumn don’t forget), one of my standard Hellebore Nigers is flowering.

Several white primula polyantha from last year are beginning to pop up and flower, now that they have light and air from the big cutback.

And that’s it from me. Hopefully my next SoS will be from our big garden which will begin to cover itself in autumn leaves. Hoping all gardeners are happy and healthy…