SoS 24/10/20

I’m in town and thus in the Matchbox garden for a little while. Husband is having his cataracts done (I had mine done last year) and so it gives me time to try and boost this tiny garden along.  It’s needing a tart-up as spring comes to an end and we get ready for summer.

Starting with the vastly small piece of lawn which needed topdressing and re-seeding. THIS has been headache-inducing as it has been such a wet spring and so the seed quite literally went soggy and refused to sprout. I have added bucketloads of seed through the last few weeks and finally!

Finally! We have new grass! Thin to be sure, but it will pad up with a cut or two and the blades set high.

While husband slept off his first procedure, I decided to start trimming the English Box hedges on the raised beds. They have come up okay (note wire over seedlings. Let it be known that today I HATE blackbirds! Love their song but hate their mining for protein!)  but…

…I need some help for the back path as I am not good with the battery clippers and am afraid I might shear off the Solomon’s Seal and Hellebores.

I’ve replanted some of the tubs for summer. Mostly white petunias and a divine Black Cosmos called Mocha Choca.


The largest pot is waiting for inspiration. I’m trying to decide between a lime-green Euphorbia or Erigeron. Not wire…

My five year old rhododendron has opened its first ever flower. I’m over the moon with the colour.

Our little evergreen Clematis Paniculata Purity has flowered in its first year. It’s very ‘Starry Starry Night…’. I love it.

And finally my garden gloves. Monty Don says to get out and ‘feel’ what you are doing when you’re gardening and I honestly understand what he’s saying. After all, he’s my hero. But to be honest, we have beasties like redback spiders and jackjumper ants, to name just two Australian insects that can make the gardener very ill should they be bitten. In addition, a friend’s husband was hospitalised from handling potting-mix un-gloved and un-masked. Subsequently he developed neurological problems. So I’d rather be safe than sorry. My gardens are my escape and I would hate to be prevented from spending time grubbing about.

And that’s it from me, folks. I hope you’re all safe and well and despite copious Lockdowns, are managing to enjoy your green spaces.

Pop over to Mr.P for a global horticultural tour. It’s a great way to spend the evenings.