SoS 14/11/20

I haven’t been able to post for a bit as I had no computer for a week and…

I also had an N-stride shot into the knee joint (OMG – I’ve had many needles over the years, but this one was a doozie) and thus am on light duties (I’ve got 6 days to go). In addition, I’ve apparently left my reading glasses in the city so I’m flying a bit blind here! Anyway, my six are as follows:

Our berry house is busting out all over and I just hope I have the freezer space.

We have raspberries, strawberries, loganberries, boysenberries, thornless blackberries, silvanberries and blueberries. A feast if my little 2 year old grandson doesn’t get to them first. He loves his storstabbies – who knew strawberries had such a name?

My husband carted a tonne of luscious veggie soil mix into the veg garden ready for summer veg last week.

And in Number three, he started planting today with my limited help. More next week after we’ve been back to the nursery. So far, peas, butterbeans, baby carrots, zucchinis (yellow and green) sunflowers, marigolds, lettuces, basil, microgreens, Italian parsley. Yet to go in are Asian greens, tomatoes and snowpeas, and French beans. Then it’s just a question of adding more of the same as needed.


Number Four – our potatoes are in potato bags, which has freed up much of the veggie garden for us.

Our herb garden has become a bee paradise.

And finally some pretties to finish up, just because… One gorgeous clematis (not sure what its name is).

And white Agastache (I think) which gave me a lovely surprise when I was watering.

If , like me, you want to travel the virtual horticultural globe – pop over to our CEO, Mr. Prop and enjoy…