SoS 10/10/20

Back in the Matchbox in the city, we’ve had a bucketload of rain. (Actually we had it on the coast too. How do folk in the UK cope with days of rain? Yikes!) But in the one hour of sunshine yesterday afternoon, and between planting lots of summer annuals, I took a few pics.

I was fascinated by this first one. I can’t remember noticing spring flowers on my Japanese Maples before. The bees were feeding on them after the rain. Everything was so sodden and the bees must have been so hungry! It was a first for me to see such a thing in the maples. The previous night, I had watched David Attenborough’s Life on Our Planet and have been puzzling over how to grow the insect species in my gardens. To see the bees in the maples was special.

Secondly, the Solomon’s Seal grew and grew whilst it rained and is a lovely upright phalanx along the back path

Thirdly, the Viburnum Plicatum blossomed during the rain. This is so structural, so striking and it exactly fulfils its purpose in the corner in which it was planted. I was surprised the bees preferred the maples though.

Fourthly, these are the first ever flowers on the evergreen clematis, Clematis Paniculata Purity. I am happy with its understated elegance.

Fifthly and Sixthly, the tulips because they’re gorgeous and have coped with lack of attention, rain bucketing down, winds and the blackbirds scooping all the soil out around the bulbs.

I love the colour combination in my white garden and the Orange Balloon bulbs are troopers (the whites and maroony-blacks are Super Parrots).

And to finish the tour this weekend, go to The Propagator and indulge!