SoS. 3/10/20

A really quick trip round the big garden today as I’ve been on a roll with my manuscript.

As spring continues…

A picture of delightful Auricula Jorvik. I’m becoming a HUGE fan of auriculas.

The first of the clematis in the big garden. Good old Montana, but always beautifully elegant. Mum used to dip the flowers in whipped eggwhite and then sugar for birthday cake decorations.

Alfred Carriere is getting ready to flower its socks off. It’s quite my favourite climbing rose.

One of the new tree ferns is sending up a frond. They look like the ends of a violin…

The Orange Balloon tulips have been spectacular both in the big garden and the Matchbox in the city, but they are almost finished now. I find agree with Monty Don when he says that old tulips replanted are never good; stock up with new each year. Orange Balloon is a new one and I will order it again next year as I’m partial to orange in a white garden with black accents.

This stunning plant, Pachystegia insignis, is endemic to New Zealand and looks superb in a tub. I have one in a terracotta tub in the Matchbox and two in half wine-barrels in the country. It’s a really hardy species and I imagine the plants will feature again when the papery yellow flowers open.

And that’s it from me. Hop over to Mr.P and see what everyone else is finding in their gardens in Six on Saturday.