What am I?

I’m a writer.


It’s what my business cards say.

What I’m described as in legal documents and my Tax ID.

And my list/portfolio contains some eleven adult books, one childrens’ book and a number of short stories and anthologies.


… writer I am.

I don’t actually talk an awful lot about my writing, or about the artform in general. I talk more about my surroundings and alternate interests. My writing is just that little bit private and I don’t share its progress much until it gets very close to publication.

I intermittently share the odd paragraph on Facebook, sometimes in a blog post, but those who follow the blog know I’m an old windbag about a coastal life, about gardening and family and about embroidery. Those activities are a means of balancing out a busy life.

Right now, spring is racing toward us at the speed of light, evidenced by tulip and crocus buds almost ready to burst, almond-blossoms drooping in the rain (!!!), the first freesia out and smelling divine.  Although the above pics give no intimation of the weather outside as I write this!

Suffice to say, my blood starts to fizz with excitement when I can see evidence of spring. I love gardening and my groundwork plans begin to sprout. Not only that, I can almost smell boat trips on the seabreeze.

After a flat period of embroidery recently – that empty phase when one finishes a piece one really loved working and then waits for something else to fall into one’s lap – I picked up a needle the other day and just felt that the next few hearts I embroidered for 1000Hearts.com would be a bit special. That same evening, I found a pattern for a fish cushion which really excited me.

And to add fuel to my fire, I was alerted to a very sweet pin cushion kit from the UK that tempted me to buy it.

I have also been going through a flat period of writing after the passing away of my friend and researcher in France, Brian Cobb. One grieves. But the other evening, I said to myself ‘Write anyway. There’s always the rubbish bin.’

I wrote four pages on paper (I handwrite my original manuscript) and let it rip with no concern for rule and regulation. My characters are emotional and there’s a depth to them I love which is promising. AND, after reading the first. 50,000 words, my editor believes there’s a story there!

Your question – Do I have a story?

The answer is a resounding Yes! 100%

Where to start? Perhaps with the characters – all favourites of old. So grand to see them all, Toby especially. Mind, Ariella is a joy, too, the attraction from Henri – another great character, is a pleasure to read. I hope that goes somewhere nice.

And Cecile. A lovely soul, castigating herself at every turn. She too is a joy to be with!

Then there’s the story – the relics, the quest, a storyline developing so nicely, pulling all the threads together, almost as though Fate itself is lending a hand. I like it very much!

I think it must be a form of spring-cleaning, all this newfound energy and inspiration. It lights a creative fire. There’s no pressure, just a desire to create in the round, if you like. In the garden, on fabric and on paper.

And amongst this is the familiar crescent of my favourite beach, the rhythmic pull of the waves, the stridency of seabirds and the fragrance of effervescent sea air.

It’s a good time, despite Covid-19 and the state of the world. As long as we keep our goalposts close and take pleasure in the small things, imagination and creativity seem to take care of themselves. I should have remembered that a few weeks ago.

Cheers all…