SoS- 15/8/20

Gosh, snow last week, and flooding rains this week. It makes gardening difficult to say the least as spring begins to burst around us. I have plans and it seems as they’ll have to be put on hold for a while. At least the ground of the orchard will be wet enough to plant a couple more trees. We planted a 6 foot high flowering gum before the rain yesterday, and a slightly smaller bay tree. But knowing SoS was almost upon us, I dashed out before the resumption of rain today and snapped a few plants:

The bulbs are all beginning to jump. Jeanne d’Arc crocus are flowering, along with a very close to a bursting tulip (could be white, orange or black but looks white-ish, doesn’t it?). I just wish my garden would bloom these tubbed things all at once. I want a foaming effect, not this drip feeding process.

It’s the same with the auriculas which I am developing a ‘thing’ for. I want to see them all flower at once but no, ‘Jorvik’ is bursting now. How do people manage to have those superb Auricula theatres with everything blooming at once?

I planted white epimediums in tubs this week and also Astilbe Japonica in the ground and it looks very happy!

My favourite freesias, the common ones that smell so beautiful, are coming into flower and I long for filled vases in every room.

The fernery is beginning to show life. It began as one tree fern and then another and now we have four, although the two new ones are slow to reveal their fronds. I’ve filled in the bulk with a staghorn on the garage wall and with little ferns from the wild, Tasmanian natives whose names I am unsure of. But I was so pleased today to see a soft chartreuse frond just popping out of a lacy clump that is infinitely delicate amongst its broader leafed neighbours.

And finally, Ferdy the Fish has moved from the perennial border to the tub on the patio. He still seems as unimpressed as he ever was…

The Propagator is offering wonderful links on gardening today. Enjoy!