Blow me down…

Unless one has crawled under a stone this year and stayed there for the last 8 months, it would be almost impossible to be unaware of a total global shakeup.

In the beginning of 2020 in my own case, an epidemic (at the time) was something happening far away. I remember sitting on the beach and between swims with friends, we chatted about what we would do if Covid-19 arrived in our own little state of Tasmania (Australia). We decided we’d retreat to exactly the place we were at, for however long it took.

Blow me down if that isn’t exactly what happened.

A pandemic was declared, Covid-19 arrived and we went into a tight family bubble for Lockdown (husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, grandson and me). We were able to travel to and from the city for medical appointments (one week into Lockdown, I tore my Achilles and calf muscle) and we could travel to and from the farm because the farm was seen as an essential occupation.

I thought with temporary isolation, that writing would come easily. That with no distraction I would have a book finished, another one started and Heavens’ knows what else in my cache.


Some sort of creative unease set in in March, and I found it far easier to walk away from the pad and pen and be amongst nature (with a moonboot), to garden (with a moonboot), to really be a part of what Life had to offer me then and there (with a moonboot) . Not writing about a fictional world set in 12th century Europe.

Strangely, as our island managed to claw its way into (temporary) safety again, that feeling has stayed with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a writer. I’m well beyond halfway with the new historical fiction, and have completed two short stories within the same genre. I also released a short unusual little escapist e-book based on Sei Shonagon’s Pillowbook.

But I realised there are other things in Life as well.

Two days ago, my husband and I climbed down into a cave that began its life over 40 million years ago and is still growing. Does that not put Life into perspective? We stood multi-metres below the earth’s surface and wondered at how much history had passed above the cave. We were but a microscopic drop in an infinite ocean.

Yup, we were certainly put in our place.


The rise in chaos and anarchy has refined my thinking.


This is where I want to be – in our family bubble within the beautiful surroundings of my island home. Being grateful for whatever is immediately outside my door and no desire for anything more than good health for all. Writing will always be a part of that because it is part of me and I can’t live without it, but it sits within a much more simplified and spare existence now to previously.

Simply, it feels good.

Have you noticed a change in your own thinking this year? I’d love to know…