SoS 18/4/20

It’s Day Whatever of Which week in What Month. Or so it feels. Mind you, the garden doesn’t care what day it is and I suppose as gardeners, we shouldn’t either. We’ve had a couple of days of wind and so there are blotches of red and yellow leaves all over the lawn and because the weather has cooled dramatically, so trees and shrubs have realised it IS autumn so most of my offerings for Six on Saturday, are richly coloured.

Firstly our Guelder Rose – Viburnum Opulus has begun it’s change. The shrub suffered badly through the drought and we think we’ll cut it back by a 1/3 to fill it out a little. It’s a bleached crimson and I love the way it blends quite green leaves as well as coloureds.

White nerines about to burst. We have these dotted around the garden simply because they bloom at this time, giving a spike to the garden.

One of our row of Japanese maples. They were planted for their rich red branches but somewhere along the way, the red has vanished. Nevertheless, look at that amber colouring!

One of our two giant fifty year old liquid ambers. I LOVE the flow of colour through the trees, from pale rosé to the richest shiraz or cab sav.

Then the blood red of our blueberries. This is by far the most spectacular. Wow!


And finally our saffron crocuses are beginning to bloom. I foresee a little harvest.

Head over to Mr. P’s blog to see the northern hemisphere in its spring glory. It beats Covid-19 News any day.