SoS 10/4/20

This week on SoS, I’m offering two gardens.

The state of one is the direct result of Covid-19.

We’ve been in lockdown with borders closed for quite a while here in my state of Tasmania (Australia). If one had a shack anywhere, (a second residence on coast, rural or highlands), one could stay there for the duration of the lockdown, only venturing away for food, exercise and medical requirements.

It’s similar to the UK, I believe – Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Anyway – it means our little Matchbox garden in the city is in a holding pattern.

I had a medical appointment last week in the city and was able to check on it, husband mowed the pocket handkerchief lawn and I did a spot of cutting back.

So in order:

Cutting back of hebe which gives me some room for sunloving plants when the Pandemic is over.

A clematis planted last year (will have to find label) is off its tiny rocker and will be moved.

To climb through this lovely rusted bedhead we found on the farm and moved to the Matchbox (need to paint the fence uprights grey).


Then there are the barren spots and pots, eager for annuals and bulbs. I have bulbs and plants on order (I look forward to seeing what, when the orders arrive). After observing Monty Don’s garden on Instagram, I think I need to source some Erythonium bulbs. I’m fascinated by them.

Then there is this little sun-loving auricula that I want to pot into the empty terracotta pot.

But all this must wait until this awful disaster is over.

Meanwhile in our place of residence, our veggies grow apace, and amongst them, are sweetpeas that seeded themselves in summer. I got quite a shock today when I noticed one about to flower.

Ah, it’s a strange world…

Pootle off folks, to Mr.P’s SoS and wander through everyone else’s gardens.

Cheers and stay well.