SoS 23/2/19

This summer is so dry. We had slightly mad rain burst about 3 weeks ago and since then, nothing. The only bonus is that the weather is cooler and tonight, it has the chill evening feel of approaching autumn. But the truth is the garden is tired. There are few flowers and very little colour.

The vegetable garden still gives most generously on a daily basis and we continue to eat very well. Not missing meat at all. We have yet to pick Beurre Bosc pears, Sturmer and Granny Smith apples, and quinces.

So what do I have to show in the borders, if anything?

Somehow my dry and tired garden has managed to produce six things.

There are exploding shoots of dark blue grape hyacinths – ready for spring, despite that we have to get through autumn and winter.

Ditto with white grape hyacinths.

Shoots of white autumn nerines. They need to hurry up (they’re all around the garden and are due for a liquid seaweed feed).

Autumn crocuses – standard mauve – waiting for others to pop up and then will bed with mulch, but they too need a feed.

This wonderful little euphorbia continues to floor and delight me in turn. It’s been featured before and is called Diamond Frost. I may also have mentioned that come winter, I must bed it in comfort behind glass in a cold frame (I have no glasshouse) . To me this whole plant looks like chains of fairy lights and I shall be so sad if I can’t nurture it through winter. I’m totally inexperienced at having to sequester anything through the cold.

And finally, today’s veggies. ‘Nuff said.

Cheers everyone and remember The Propagator for a fab look through gardens of the world.