Six on Saturday…

Six on Saturday is part of a blog hop that happens with The Propagator, a garden blog I enjoy.

A full day in the garden today and where I found my six. Not always successes either…

Scabiosa. Can’t remember which one, but I adore it. It’s fully fledged flowers are matronly, healthy, and show-offs.

Agapanthus. Common as muck here in Australia and often seen as a noxious weed. Very successful for hedging a house in a dry super-coastal environment and is the perfect mix of blue and white. BUT – when the painter is due, we have had to slice and dice the plants away from the walls, so the painter can do his job. Awful snail colonies.

Strawberries. Picked up 6 unlabelled plants in the local hardware store. They’re very fragile and I reckon they’ll die.

Heuchera. Another unlabelled plant from the hardware store. But suspect it’s Heuchera Black Beauty. Love it in white gardens.

Erigeron Karvinskianus. The Seaside Daisy. I’m remodelling under one of the willows with anything that is hardy and can cope with a howling westerly in summer and winter. This was a cutting and it’s booming! Suspect I’ll regret it.

Auriculas. I have two varieties from an aquaintance who breeds them. I adore them but suspect they might hate being at sealevel when they were bred in subalpine conditions. A.Jorvik and A. Ferntree Border from Pen-Lan Plants