Shy fame…


 Tobias, the first book of The Triptych Chronicle, is just over a year old…

 It was a tough book to write, as I have often said, for many private and professional reasons. Amonsgt the required research on twelfth century Byzantium, I needed to find out what ramifications an active life would have upon little people in this timeframe.

 That tough little book earned its keep though and secured wonderful reviews from superlative writers – Christian Cameron, Matthew Harffy, SJA Turney and Ann Swinfen.


And bless that little minstrel, in this first year of publication, he was awarded a gold medallion by IndieBRAG.

MMB Emblem Semi-Finalist

Then he was judged into the semi-final lists for the prestigious M.M Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction 2016.


 And today, he found his way into the finalists’ list for the equally prestigious Chanticleer Chaucer Award. 


 I’m delighted because Book Two of the chronicle, entitled Guillaume, is almost ready for release and to have Tobias pave the way so well for his friend is more than any author could ask for!

 If you would like to read Tobias and post a review on Amazon and Goodreads, I would be so very grateful.