Grief is such an amorphous and difficult thing to grasp.

At some point every single one of us will grieve for something – a loved one, a pet, a job, a house, the ending of a relationship, even the conclusion of writing a book!


One thing I learned when my father died fifteen years ago is that there is no right or wrong way to grieve – that one picks one’s own way through it, doing whatever one must to remember, survive and move on.


But the one truism is ‘Time’. People say it is clichéd, that time means nothing in the scheme of things. But truly, Time lessens the pain. It has a way of easing us beyond ‘life without’ and onto ‘life’.


When Dad died I found Time made it easier. I don’t know at what point that was but I just remember thinking at the time, ‘Gosh, today was a good day…’ and giving thanks for that.

I went to my cousin’s funeral today. She was 26 years old and I watched family and friends grieve. And I sat there with compassion and the hope that ‘Time’ cossets them and eases their passage through that dreadful period, however long that may take.

In the meantime, it seems AA Milne had many a profound word on grief spoken through the mouths of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear.