Superb Sunday…

Sometimes it’s great to just leave research books, pages of writing and notes and the computer far behind and spend the day with family, just thinking of nothing in particular. Trust me, the muse was there. How could she not be with the beauty of the place? But she was as prepared to just ‘be’ as I was…


Pootling over the shallow end of the Big Hole at Chinamen’s Bay.


The anchor gear jammed, the fuse fused and so brute strength had to be used.


My favourite place on the boat.


Father and son walking along the shore at Chinamen’s Bay, in front of self and son’s partner.


Seal bones at Riedle’s.


Wading in my own little world. Am I thinking of Tobias? Not really. Just thinking of nothing. Today it was a good frame of mind to have.


A modern midden  put together by beach walkers on Maria Island.


A common abalone shell, but just look at the mother of pearl! The purity of the iridescence!


New Zealand beyond the knees.


Swimming off the boat to shore at the Hopfields beach on Maria. We wondered why the place was called the Hopfields and decided that in the olden days (how my UK friends must laugh at ‘olden days’ dating from perhaps 1850’s – 1890’s. My US friends would understand.) some erstwhile settler (and there were really very few on Maria Island) may have planted hops for ale.


It does deserve research… maybe one day.

More on Maria Island in the next post. I do love it so.