Everything old is new again…

Spring is not too far away – a couple of weeks and we’ll have the full explosion. I LOVE this season – not just for the sheer beauty of all spring flowering plants and leaf show but for the sense of renewal, for the implication that ‘everything old is new again’ (the Peter Allen version) or ‘everything old is new again‘ (the Hugh Jackman version).

It’s the unfailing reliability of it all, what others might call reassurance…


The daisies are starting to thrust up in the lawn.


The nectarine’s buds are swelling.


Our infant quince is about to burst a single blossom.


The almonds are beginning to flower 3 weeks early.


The willows are popping.


The veggie garden still hasn’t been dug over or the broadbeans planted (that was supposed to happen on ANZAC Day – 25th April) … but they will be and by November I will see all my kitchen foods busting from the soil.


The grape hyacinths are a delight.


The freesias are thick with buds (my favourite scent along with daphne).


A potted white fritillaria is daring to show its leaves above the soil.


And oh boy, does one of the garden seats need a scrub! Alternatively it’d be a lot easier to give it new wood, I think. Husband may think differently.

There’s a neat list in my head of what I want to do here before spring. They say patience is a virtue…