Winter walk…

A winter weekend of pure escapism. Yesterday, two beaches 40 kms apart and no camera.

Today, two beaches 10kms apart and a camera but remembering to take pics this morning and not this afternoon. By the time these 3 days are done, we will have walked about 30 kms which mightn’t sound much really. But yesterday morning, I had to walk up and down the cliff path carrying Old Dog who couldn’t manage it. Yesterday afternoon, I had a brain conniption and persisted in climbing huge sandbanks to run down the other side.


And each day, we have walked at high tides which meant the sand was soft, like wading through mud! There was one stretch of hard sand and I had to take a shot of it, I was so excited!





Perfectly calm. And my favourite island haunt in the background.


Windblown coastal native shrubbery.


Thanks so much to the Scots settlers who chose to bring gorse with them so that the place would look more like home. It thrives here and chokes pasture and native plants. Hate it! Thank the stars we have none on our farm.


Young Dog has to learn all day every day if we are to have a good dog. Thing is, he runs rings around us…


Finishing today’s walk with dogs back under some sort of control…

Have you had a good weekend too?