In celebration…

My daughter is an accomplished graphic designer. She is also a highly creative book artist.  And in 2006, when her mother took on Big Business with a lawyer friend and a doctor friend to save a tiny strip of river beach, and after we had WON the case,  she made keepsakes to remind us of what we had been fighting for.





For my friends she made a book each, not unlike the one above. For me, she made two books and a box in which they could be kept. Each page has an illustration highlighting aspects of the river and its culture, its history, its ecology.




She has used a concertina format for each book and a standard cover binding. My books are covered in leather and the book box is covered in a fine pale  sea-coloured bookcloth. She has found and worked into photos, then photographed them again and then printed them on the most delicious parchment paper.


The finishing touch is the little label she stained with tea, crumpled and then took to the village post-office, asking them could they stamp it with the post office’s regional date stamp.


This gift is already a family heirloom and sits at House on the counter next to the modest library shelves in this tiny place. I often open it and marvel at the artistry and binding skill. Yes, I know I’m bragging about her, but she’s my daughter!

I’m allowed to…