*Please note that pics of the actual event were not taken as tension and anxiety was so high!*

Walk to beach with dogs.



Dog finds transparent orange ball like this.

Dog can’t quite get mouth round it and pushes it to waterline.

Wind catches ball.


Dog follows ball. Becomes deaf to wife’s entreaties.


Wind blows stronger. Dog paddles into middle of river fixated on errant ball. Wind blowing ball downriver to ocean.

Wife strips off shoes, sunglasses, sunvisor and dives into water with lead to fetch dog.


As swimming in clothes, and yelling to said dog, husband yells that Old Dog with bad heart now swimming out to wife.

Wife realises weight of clothes (shorts, knickers, bra and poloshirt) are actually too heavy to swim safely to middle of river in wind. Turns about, sending Old Dog back and watching other dog tiring. Wife convinced said dog will sink with exhaustion.

Husband runs off beach to get brother in law with boat keys to save said dog.

Wife runs to nearest beach cottage, dragging Old Dog behind on lead, to beg use of kayak and paddle. As owner looks for paddle, her sons run to beach and yell that said dog is back to shore and looking for owners.

Wife thanks lady profusely and then mutters words under breath that sound like ‘Bloody Jack Russell terriers!’


 Wife exhausted, hoarse, wet and bedraggled. Old Dog hysterical. Said Dog quite tired. Husband sick of dogs. (and wife!)

PS: Shower, wash and dry hair, repair face, disinfect bad arm, cup of tea, BIIIGGGG chocolate chip cookie and all’s well although leather belt may have had its day and said dog has saltwater powered enema working its way through him!


PPS: BEST research for action in my latest novel EVER! Now I really know what it feels like to swim fully clothed in a fraught situation and screaming at top of lungs. Note taking on every point.