Sometimes life is the bees’ knees but sometimes it’s not. It can be tiring, sad, frustrating or nuisance value.

Any or all of those things.

And when it is, I’ve noticed I retreat with willingness to House.

After a frustrating week, nothing super bad, but in its own way, energy-sapping, I pulled up at House with a super sigh of relief. The dogs leaped from the car, I unloaded food and a weekend bag (and faithful laptop, Gisborne files etc) and stood on the patio listening.


Children in the schoolyard.




The sigh of the sea breeze.

I lifted the keys and with a rattle and squeak, they unlocked the one door that House has, a glass multi-panelled door that allows even more sunshine into an already luminescent space. And then I stood at the entrance and rubbed my hand over the architrave saying, ‘Hallo House. It’s good to be back…’



And House just wrapped its light, pleasant, plain interior around me, welcoming me back. Healing without saying a word.


That night, I slept for 9 hours…