Maritime Madness…

I’m shortly to take part in a nautical adventure – a journey through time on ships that will make your eyes boggle. You can join me as well if you like, as this takes place:


During this voyage you can sail on 12th century nefs, 16th century war galleys, on whaling vessels and smugglers’ cutters. You can even learn what its like to be a woman aboard tall ships of the times and find out how they survived.


So forget about your fears of the ocean and revel in the crack and snap of sails, feel the deck heave beneath your feet like a horse clearing a log in the hunt. Smell the enlivening fragrance of the sea, redolent of adventure and vast open spaces and exotic destinations. Find out how every one of us came into being, because for sure without the sea and the intrepid men and women who sailed, our world would be as small and narrow as a matchbox!

Calling all adventurers!


Go on, I dare you!