Mostly ivories…

Sometimes it pays to take time and to LOOK as one rushes through the garden at this time of year.


I found some beautiful white spring crocus which I had bought in March at Bream Creek Show and completely forgotten that I’d planted. Look at the amazing white vein down the full- length of the leaf. Stunning. Can see Jane Nicholas doing this in stumpwork.


The white double hellebores are in flower after sulking badly last year.


Likewise the black hellebores.


The back strip along the house wall actually looks lovely with the common hellebores in flower.


An old bird nest blew down out of the Hedge of Doom (that our neighbour killed) and landed on one of the topiary box trees. Note: I do hope that all the tiny forest wrens and ringtail possums that lived in our massive hedge have found alternate shelter in the garden. When the Instigator of The Hedge of Doom was away for a month, the dogs and I spent much time sitting under the gracious Chinese Elm and I was thrilled to see silver eye wrens and blue wrens flitting round the garden and diving into our other hedges, so one hopes for the best.


White violets creeping along the shaded parts of the garden. Yes!


One of my white climbing roses (wish I could remember the name. It’s NOT Iceberg, something much more beautiful) is setting flower buds already.


The English Primose. Shall think of Chris Edwards (UK) when I see this. He takes such brilliant flower pics!


How dare this (magnificent) tulip appear amongst my blacks and whites which aren’t even flowering yet.


And as for this blue muscari, no offence, but it’s a white and black garden – must be the result of a bird, I think.


Love the dainty snowdrops. When they are fully out their petals fly up like French nuns’ veils.


Fritillaria leaf-growth but have no idea which of three varieties it is.


Miniature cyclamen loving the weather alongside my absolute favourite geranium from which I keep striking cuttings as I love the variegated leaves and have never seen it anywhere since I bought it 6 years ago.

The garden is leaping towards full flush. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in 2-3 weeks. Best thing we did, fencing off all the beds to avoid wildlife!