Escape to the Country…

Driving to a beach down the road from House the other day, we met a mob of sheep being shifted to fresh pasture.



This grazing property is my all time favourite. If I won a lottery and the owners would sell, I would buy it yesterday (that’s not to say I don’t love our own farm with it’s wonderful old stone barn and ruins of stables, bakehouse, smithy’s and more).

Imagine having this sort of view out of the shearing shed on a hot summer’s day.


Or standing at the old stone stables (where we stabled our horses for a night when we were kids, having ridden to Rheban from Orford) and looking at this beach, every day.



The cattle yards for the herd of Angus cattle they breed on the property.


The shearers’ quarters overlooking the beach. Don’t reckon there’s a shearer around that wouldn’t want to work here.



Best point of all, it looks across to my favourite getaway island where no one lives except for the Ranger and where are my favourite beaches – Chinamens’ Beach and Fourmile Creek.