Pillowbook of Prudence…

On this 15th day of November, I am prompted to write on Priorities.

Outside in our town garden, we have a long hedge of Pittosporum James Stirling. It is a wonderful noise break and privacy provider.

It has been growing for eighteen years and is 20 feet high. Last year the previously empty block behind was built upon. Masses of landfill was trucked in and amongst the fill was a disease called phytophthera.

Our hedge is now dying in ugly blocks. A tree will look sick one day and shed its leaves in two more.

We are devastated.

But then we have to rationalise this.

This week, my second oldest friend showed more courage than I can conceive and went to hospital for a pretty awful operation. This operation was essential in terms of her ongoing health. So what does a hedge matter in the scheme of things?

The hedge will have to be pulled out, the soil disinfected over a period of time and a new hedge planted. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that hedge is really nothing compared to the continuing good health of my very courageous friend.

And on this 15th day of November, whilst spring draws to a close in Australia, I am having a wonderful time wearing blue, orange, lilac, aqua…so many colours, just like the colours of our kayaks!

Always colours, never black.